We are simple. Just download whole genres at a time. Why? So that you don’t have to go through clicking on hundreds of songs online waiting for load times and then additionally clicking a download button. It allows you to sort through your music on your own computer quickly.

We are organized. All songs are high quality MP3s fully tagged. The better organized and tagged the songs are, the easier and quicker they are to find when you need them. We realize everyone has their own system and ours isn’t the end-all but you’ll find it gives you a better start than most. Check out our Crate Organization.

We are fresh. We source from submissions, SoundCloud, other record pools and sift through the shit to deliver a hand-selected set of songs. We are also in the works of building our own team of editors and remixers (send us an email). Songs are selected on crowd not necessarily shit we just like. For example, if we recognize a good pop tune for sober white girls, it gets selected, even if we hate it. This opens up more crowds to you as a DJ.

We are dynamic. We only keep music available for a month at a time. This enables us to focus on what’s coming out. Let the other record pools be your source for old shit.

To join please click on the link below.


*For Professional DJ Use Only.

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